The art of picking the right Christmas tree for your decor

Christmas Trees
Flocked White Christmas Tree

Not just any tree will do.

When I go to market, I pick the themes and ornaments that will adorn the Christmas tree first.  Then I look for just the right type, structure, and color that will fit the decor that will be displayed on it.

What do I mean by this?

Depending on how large your ornaments are, you need room between the branches so that your ornaments hang straight.  If you are using icicles, pay attention to how long they are and place them on the outer tips where they will show off hanging straight.  Large blown glass laser balls are some of my favorite ornaments.  For many years, I have always purchased these from Jim Marvin who does work for the White House Christmas every year.   Displayed in the tree above, you can view them tucked way inside the tree.  They fill many holes and therefore, give your tree a very full look.


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