Traditional Decor

Dark finished wood furniture which displays comfort, appearing classic, casual, and orderly arranged. Symmetry will be the standout of this style.  Warm colors will dominate.

Transitional Decor

Both modern and traditional decor will be mixed in this style using rich furniture and textures

Rustic decor

This decor is commonly integrated with more modern furnishings and accessories. Within are found elements of Wood and stone. 

Modern Decor

The Modern Style depicts comforting, classic elements which lend to a “Homey” feeling. There is unnecessary detail with not a lot of accessories.

Contemporary Decor

Minimulism, open space, now and the future describes this style the best.  State of the art materials, glass, metal, steel and concrete will be used.  Not a lot of accessories will be used and black, white, grey along with bold colors such as true red and yellow will dominate this style.

French Decor

Rich fabrics, European bed linens, along with lots of detail incorporated in the window treatments displaying unique trimmings are found in this romantic style of decor.

This home is just one of our projects which was originally traditional.  It was completely gutted, and the kitchen and tea rooms were completely redesigned. All the  window treatments, bedding, and furniture were custom made. Imported lighting was chosen to complete the final details.