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Using wreaths year around in Home Decor is a popular trend so Susanne is going to help you with a collection of gorgeous wreaths. These wreaths are the best out there. This selection has been chosen from the top 15 manufacturers. Check around and you will see, there is no finer selection. Occasionally, I will be adding new and seasonal wreaths also and giving YOU some FREE decorating tips and design ideas on how to change them etc.

View different seasonal wreaths under each of the different seasons. To do this, click on HOLIDAY and then on the different season.

I will also recommend some different Decor styles that each would look great with and to complete any of our room by room decorating color themes.

Please understand that these wreaths are custom and are left on my site if you wish to copy and make your own. They are not necessarily available to order. If you see one you like, please call to check availability. To view larger pictures of these simply click on the wreath of your choice. ENJOY!!

Tuscan Pear Wreath
This Tuscan Pear Wreath, H8840930 measures 18" $101.00

Fall Harvest Gourd Wreath
This Fall Harvest Gourd Wreath H8847260 measures 32" $312.00

Fall Harvest Cornucopia
This Fall Harvest Cornucopia H88472401 measures 30" $214.00.

Fall Hydrangea Harvest Wreath
This Fall Hydrangea Harvest Wreath H88472701 measures 24" $293.00

Protea Repens Arrangement
This Protea Repens Arrangement H88479301 measures 13", $104.00

Della Robbia Wreath
This Della Robbia Wreath, H88478601 measures 28" $264.00. The matching Centerpiece H88478201 measures 16" and is $279.00

Della Robia Swag
The Della Robia Swag, H88478501 measures 48" $262.00

Della Robbia Pineapple Arrangement
The Della Robbia Pineapple Arrangement, H88478401, measures 20", $236.00

Della Robbia Pinapple Tree
This Della Robbia Pinapple Tree, H88478301, measures 37" $423.00

Lavendar Wreath
20" Lavendar Wreath

Artificial lavendar Wreath
Lavendar Wreath 12" ea.