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Itialian ceramics play a very important role in Home Decor. I like to use them to put trees in for regular display and for our Christmas Trees. They add touches of elegance to your decorating. Some of the larger ones make great containers for larger, longer stemmed florals like the tropicals, hollyhocks, foxglove and orchid flowers. Another way to decorate with them is to use the smaller urns on top of pedestals. These decorative urns hold water also.

Crafted by expert Italian craftsmen,these are exclusively handcrafted using the old traditions handed down father to son.
This profound respect for tradition translates into artistic perfection

To view smaller more decorative and ceramic urns for fresh florals, perhaps, click on our Pots and Planters webpage.
For the Best Flowers, Foliage and Vines to put in these urns, pots, containers or planters (however you wish to use them) click on our Flowers and Foliage Webpage.