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The orchids below are the best in the industry. They look so real. They are $13.99 ea. They are known as the "fresh touch" flower.

Artificial, Silk Tropical Flowers

Purple Phaleanopsis Orchid
Purple Phaleanopsis

LARGE 32" hanging white Phalaenops $41.00is

Artificial, Silk Tropical Flowers-Ginger Torch

Artificial, Silk Tropical Flowers-Ginger Torch

Artificial Tropical Flowers African Bromeliad
African Bromiliad

Artificial Plumeria Branch
Plumeria 32" Branch GORGEOUS

Artificial Tropical Flowers - Red Anthuriums
Red Anthuriums

This is the first time we have ever had or even seen "real touch" white anthuriums. I love them. They are also available in green and red. White
10" White Anthuiums small $6.00 ea.