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To purchase any item, call us first for price and questions, then simply submit payment by PAYPAL
If it is decorating with Custom Tile that a client desires, I usually take them to visit Pratt And Larson. Pratt and Larson tiles are all hand made and designed. The Ceramic Tile selection is truly overwhelming, even to a Designer. So feel free to visit the Tile Showroom online, and then when it comes time to choose your selection for your new home, MAY I HELP YOU?
These two BOOKS ON CERAMIC TILE AND NATURAL STONE are very good to have if you are in the process of remodeling or selecting hard surfaces or for a new home.
Currently, I am picking tile for a new home and am using products from Oregon Tile and Marble. The full Granite Slab for the Kitchen Island and the downstairs bathroom featuring honed marble is from INTREPRID MARBLE AND STONE. I will be displaying this entire TILE - STONE AND MARBLE color board. In addition, DECORATIVE TILES, below, from United Tile were used in the Kids bathroom.
Tile - Kids Bathroom
Here are the cutest fish tiles I have ever found. The aquarius, summertime and the wave sets were the tiles used on a home we finished in a kids bathroom. We laid the floor with white tiles and inserted the fish and the waves on the floor scattered. The homeowner placed them to look like the fish were swimming in the waves. The beach scene was set in on the shower wall, with the beach liner bars across the backsplash of the bathtub ledge and sink backsplash. I will do my best to secure a picture for you.

Dal-Tile specializes in natural stone. Dal-Tile features a large selection. View their website for some FREE DECORATING IDEAS with TILE AND STONE.
This BATHROOM TILE is mixed with light and darker pieces worked throughout the counter, shower, floor and bathtub landing, with matching v-cap from Dal-Tile.

This ceramic beige tile is a brand new tile from UNITED TILE. This tile would be beautiful used in a kitchen with a large backsplash area. If the fruit deco tile was left out, It would be perfect to install on tub surrounds in a master bathroom.