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Master Bathlighting

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French Country Master Bath

Lauren chose these lighting fixtures for her condo.

Lighting For A Home Entry  - Wall Sconce In this home, we were called back to "update her entry". Years ago, we did the entry table, Wall Sconce and a few other items. Now the homeowner wants to put the house on the market in a few years and wanted a new entry chandelier. Lighting For A Home Entry - Chandelier

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On the left, Janis replaced her dining room chandelier with an antiqued acanthus leaf candelabra chandelier and added matching wall sconces to create the dining room ambiance.

On the right, what a difference replacing the formal living room chandelier made. By the tree, Janis selected a gorgeous floor candelabra fixture. Matching lamps complete the setting a show beautiful from the picture window as you enter the driveway.

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Chateau Lauren Interiors
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Dear Susanne:

It is hard to believe that Marty and I recently marked two years in our new home. During that time, I have worked with you to furnish and accessorize our home. While we are not yet 100% complete, we have made significant progress. One of the long-term goals you and I established early on was the replacement of the house’s light fixtures. While it took us some time to reach that milestone, we have done it!

I wasn’t particularly fond of the house’s “plain Jane” light fixtures. I knew I wanted over time to replace them to reflect and build upon the chosen style and decor of each room, while complementing fixtures throughout the house. I knew the impact draperies and furniture could have on a room, but I had absolutely no idea how much difference a change in light fixtures would have. While you told me to expect it, I was quite amazed at the effect. Without exception, it enhanced the décor!

I also realize that the effect is largely based on the choices one makes. In this regard, I want to thank you for the advice and counsel you provided on the style and size of fixtures, as well as the many choices in products and vendors which were available to select among. I know there were times where I thought a fixture was too large or too this or too that. In the end, your expertise, guidance and patience resulted in the selection of pieces that add to the beauty and character of our home.

As I stated in an earlier letter, our home is simply gorgeous – tastefully and elegantly done, yet very comfortable, inviting and livable! I often find myself just walking through from room to room or just quietly sitting in a room with a glass of wine enjoying the results of my partnership with you and Chateau Lauren Interiors.

I hope others looking to decorate a new home or those wanting to make changes to their current homes are fortunate enough to find you to help them through their interior design projects. And, if any of your clients are ever skeptical about the impact lighting has on their home, I would be happy to share my experience with them.


Janis Bell