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Susanne Schultz
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Artificial silk daffodil
Daffodil Spray 2 flowers $9.00

Artificial Muscari Blue
MUSCARI 12 inches $6.00


This large vase with a paperwhite bulb gardwen planted in it is very stunning and what a conversation piece it has been. Vase $169.00. 31" tall ARTIFICIAL PAPERWHITES

Artificial Paperwhites
20"x 7" paperwhite 5x bulb garden $49.00

Ppaperwhite with bulb
Paperwhite with bulb & roots $25.00 22"H

Artificial Paperwhite Flowers
Metallic tray of 15 bulbs 16"H $110.00
This is the time that I like to put out my paperwhites. They are great decor for winter leading into January. Many people like to have these out for Christmas decor which is great also, especially in entrances, and bathrooms.

Potted Paperwhites
Lg. $52.00 20"H