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Bearington Baby
Lg.Bunny $65.00

This year, there is lots of new items for Easter. The return of the FRESH TOUCH flowers is exciting. Here you will see all the beautiful new tulips. For the 1st time in a long time we have the beautiful PLUMERIA branch back that we will build a tree from. There will be a fantastic centerpiece with a rabbit in a large glass urn surround with crocuses, small cacti, mini mushrooms etc. ENJOY!!

The following items below are all new and will make up our table setting and centerpiece.

Lavendar Wreath
20" Lavendar Wreath

Artificial lavendar Wreath
Lavendar Wreath 12" ea.
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valey $16.00 bunch 10"

26" Plumeria Spray

The most gorgeous White Casablanca Lily $40.00 ea.

yellow ceramic Easter Bunny

Fresh touch tulips FRESH TOUCH TULIPS