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Below are examples of Custom Paint Projects.
Cher Ultican, custom painter, is using a mixture of gold and silver metallic paint to do a custom design for Jessica Klein's master bedroom. This design is a "play" off of custom bedding designed in New York. It is featured on walls that were first "ragged" with silk fabric featuring 3 different colors.

To view more of Cher's custom painting, click onto her website:
Custom artwork in a Bedroom
Custom Artwork in a Bathroom
This Bathroom is all custom painting. There is no wallpaper.
Custom artwork in a Bathroom.
A very intricate custom Faux finish paint job in a powder bath.
Custom artwork in an Entry.
This is an extreme intense paint job we had done for an entry in a home that was featured in the "Portland Symphony" Tour of Homes. The design was an idea from my daughter Tamera.
Custom Artwork in an entry
This entry was a true joy to do. Tamera also designed a huge custom floor rug that was a "play" off of the diamonds which bordered the rug for the living room which was to the left of this entry.
Cher Ultican was the custom painter on this powder bathroom 2002 "Parade Home".
This is not easy to do. It featured 5 different color combinations, with 3 metallic custom mixed colors teamed with watermelon; hours of tedious taping and layout. All total 17 hours of labor.
Custom Artist