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iron bed with Anachini Bed Linens
Iron Bed with Anachini Bed Linens
I carried this exact bed with these bed linens in my first Interior design store in Vancouver Washington. I never wanted to sell this bed, but a customer talked me out of the bed and linens. I have regretted it ever since.

After I had the bed below altered, I thought wouldn't it be gorgeous to powder coat it Metallic Silver, so that is exactly what I did. Picture coming soon. Metallic silver iron bed
Metallic Silver Iron Bed

As you can see how I had the welder cut off and lower this Queen headboard and weld those pieces onto the sides to make it a King headboard. Then he cut off the little piece on top to lower it to 41" which is what I needed. I am so pleased with this job. Now onto the powder coating company.

iron bed
iron bed footboard
One day shopping, I was headed out the door and I saw these two pieces sitting against the wall. I was so excited. However, I passed on them. Everyday I new I would regret it, so I finally purchased them both. The problem was that it was a KING headboard and a QUEEN headboard, no footboards. So I hunted down a welder to alter the Queen footboard to a King Footboard. iron bed
iron bed headboard

Oly bed
Brambles Queen Bed

Oly Daybed