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Artificial, Silk Roses
You can have Roses as beautiful as this year around. They never turn brown. They are as pretty as the day you placed them in that vase. They are most precious whenever you need to say, "I'm sorry," or "I love you;" because you are my mother." They will last forever. Choose from the best in the industry below.

Whenever constructing your rose bouquet, Jessica recommends using the silver grass, on the right, for the foliage filler.

Flower foliage

The roses below are brand new. They are "Fresh Touch". They are so real looking that people will swear they are. It's fun to watch them go by and smell them. They don't come in a lot of colors, but the ones they do are exceptional. The buds are all $5.99ea, and the more open roses are $6.99 a stem.