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Pillows are the accessory that can cange a look from season to season. Pillows can change your mood, enhance seasonal changes.

Pillows can make the quickest, least expensive decorating impact. However, spend more on the pillows and get nice ones if you want them to do the trick. Too often I find that when I look at the accent pillows in homes, they are too "ordinary" and don't make the punch. Remember, they are the least expensive way of changing the look and feel of the living room, so don't expect a $25.00 pillow to do this.

When it comes to choosing pillows for stocking in our store or for completeing a custom job in a home, nobody does it better than Lauren. Susanne tells everyone that Lauren is the pillow expert and it shows it below.

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Dedar Pillows The pillows on the left are made from Designer Dedar Fabrics. The pillows on the right are from Osborne and Little Fabrics. These pillows, placed on chairs, sofas, etc. can make a MIGHTY impact! Osborne and Little Silk Pillows

French Master Bathroom
This Master Bathroom is so gorgeous. Notice the little custom pillows on the vanity stool.