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Susanne Schultz
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Glass vase
Agility Bowl $45.00

Glass vases
Gabi Vases $18-22.00

Silver Crackle Cube Vases
Silver Crackle Cube Vases $25-38.00

Dazzle glassvases
Dazzle glass vases xsizes $45 & up

Kiera Vase and Stand
Kiera Vase & stand

This Kiera Vase & stand comes in two sizes:
17.25"x9.75x19" 169.00
12.5"x6.75"x12.25" $149.00
This vase is so unusual and fabulous
glass amaryllis vase
Amaryllis Glass Vases 3sizes $75-$105

Large glass vase
Lg glass vase 15"x26" $235.00

Tall Floor glass vase 13.75"x6"x39.5". $299.00
An absolute statement piece.

Glass Vases
Minimalist Vase $39.00

Long glass minimalist vase
LongGlassMinimalist Vase 18"x2.75" $69

Lt Gree frosted vases: 6"x9.75" $31
4.5"x12" $42; 6"x7" $35.00. These are absolutely gorgeous.

Crystal Vases
Crystal Vases

Crystal/Glass Flower Vases, Compotes

Crystal/Glass Flower Vases, Compotes

Paris Ceramic Vases
Paris Royale Vase $79.00, 8"Hx8.5"T