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New led lights for 2016
Trust me, you want to order these. If you are tired of throwing away pre-lit trees because the lights burn out and they are the old warm light color and there are not many lights on them, THEN SWITCH AND GET RID OF YOUR LIGHT PROBLEM FOREVER.

THE BEST Star Garland led lights
SO GORGEOUS $175.00 ea. garland 1.8m-720L

FOR DECORATING OUTSIDE THIS YEAR: WOW! WHAT A STATEMENT!! These lights can be used outdoors.

These large display items are also lit with the NEW LED LIGHTS. Put them outside at Christmas under a large tree and add the cascade waterfall lites for an awesome look. These cascade lites look blue but they are the cool white as shown in the butterfly.
1M-440L $135.00; 3m900L $265.00
Cascade Waterfall lights

Dragonfly Christmas Ornament
Ok to carry this theme inside for your tree, add this flying dragonfly - "look what flew in for Christmas this year"

This is the first time we have ever had or even seen "real touch" white anthuriums. I love them. They are also available in green and red. White
10" White Anthuiums small $6.00 ea.