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An ENTRY to a home is one of the most important design features to focus on when choosing a home to buy, picking home plans or remodeling, says Susanne. It is the first thing Susanne looks at when choosing plans for homes to build. The single most important starting feature is that it MUST have a DOUBLE DOOR ENTRY; side lights are lovely too. Most builders will not put the dollars here, which Susanne believes is the biggest mistake made especially in the upper end homes.

It not only is the feature which "sets the mood for the home" but it adds ease in moving in and out. Larger homes in the upper end need larger pieces of furniture, etc. and it is impossible for movers to get in a lot of these gorgeous armoires, sofas, etc. in single door entries.

Next, choose a chandelier that is not found in every store. (view the different selections of uniqueness, and quality on our LIGHTING pages). Builders will do all their spec homes with the same lighting fixtures. Susanne believes a home should be more personal and not show the same chandeliers through the windows when driving through a neighborhood. It is the first thing that Susanne usually changes out when she is hired to do a home. It is the first change the homeowner insists on. I hear this all the time when a homeowner comes into the store; "I hate the lighting in my home", almost every homeowner says.

Upon entering your home, decide as a homeowner, what it is you like to see, and rooms you definitely do not want to see when your front door opens. Spend some dollars in the furniture for the entry as this will set the statement for the rest of the home. Susanne loves an entry table with a gorgeous chandelier and floral. A unique rug is fabulous too; one that you really splurge on.

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